Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn photography is the perfect way to capture the beauty and innocence of your baby to treasure in years to come.

Devon Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography

Newborn photography is a way to celebrate your new baby in a range of timeless and beautiful images. This session will take place in the comfort of your own home.

In the early days after having your baby, your time can feel very busy and emotional. I feel the best way to support parents and enable access to professional and beautiful images, is through photography sessions in your own home. You are able to take the day at your own pace, relax and enjoy watching the session.

Parents and babies benefit greatly from a calm and relaxed environment. I have had two children of my own and worked with hundreds of parents and babies in their early days. Your session is a private time to unwind and take stock of the recent rollercoaster ride. But also enjoy the incredible beauty of your new baby.

The session

I pose babies in a way that follows their bodies natural movements and reflexes. Hidden supports are used at all times to ensure babies comfort and safety. Each session follows a routine of ‘flow posing’. This means baby is placed into positions through minimal movements and disturbance. This also ensures baby is comfortable at all times.

I will provide all equipment needed for the session. Lighting and heating is also provided. Sessions usually start with a prop setup and then move onto bean bag poses. Parent and sibling shots are always welcome.

I will bring a mix of coloured wraps, bonnets and headbands to create a range of different images. Please specify before your session if you would prefer all whites or a particular colour. As we move through each season, I also try to include sessional flowers and colours.

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How much does a newborn photography session cost?

A session for a newborn photography will cost £95 and captured at your own home. A shoot typically takes 2 to 4 hours and is shot within baby’s first 3 – 14 days.

What is Included

  • You will receive a full resolution, digital download, of your favourite image.
  • A private on-line viewing gallery to select images to be purchased, roughly 20 – 30
  • All travel included to your home, within a 25 mile radius of Okehampton, Devon.

Order options

  • Further digital files can be purchased for £45 per individual, full resolution file.
  • A USB memory stick of your entire final gallery would be £250.
  • Beautiful, bespoke photo books, created in Italy, starting from £130.
  • Various size, professional printed canvases, starting from £55.

Preparing for a newborn photography shoot

Before baby arrives

The best time to capture newborn photography is when baby is between 3 – 10 days old; they settle fairly easily and still prefer to be curled up and swaddled. But as babies come in their own time, I was overdue with both of mine, and unless you’re having a planned cesarean, the easiest way to book is by your estimated due date. This allows me to book you in over a rough time and we can arrange the actual date once baby has arrived. Once baby has arrived, please inform me as soon as you can, months are can be very busy, so the earlier notice the better. We can then arrange a time and day for your session.

On the day of your newborn photography shoot

I will bring everything needed to you and set up in the room with most space. I bring a heater with me to warm the room to a comfortable temperature for baby and lighting equipment. The only thing I ask which can help, is to undress baby to a loose nappy and warm blanket. before the feed they are due, before I can due to arrive.

Working in homes creates a much more relaxed and calm atmosphere. I feel this plays a huge part in the success of a session and the overall experience as parents. Please feel free to relax in pyjamas, leave the washing and enjoy not having to leave the house, the first few days with a new baby can be stressful enough, my session’s are designed to give everyone a moments calm. I am always happy to take a few sibling shots with a safe set up, but if disturbances can be reduced, such as brothers or sisters visiting Nanny for a few hours, this will help make things run more smoothly.

During the shoot

I will spend roughly 15 minutes setting up. This set up will include; a rail to clip blankets to, a bundle of various blankets, props such as knitted hats, a posing bag (a bit like a bean bag foot stall), bed kylies (places in between the layers of blankets to minimise accidents spreading), a portable heater (to help keep baby warm and settled), white noise, a softbox studio light and my camera equipment. Once baby is fed, winded and sleeping, I will begin gently positioning baby on the blankets and sometimes adding props and then start taking photos.

You are more than welcome to just sit, relax and watch or if you have a mountain of washing that desperately needs you, please feel free to continue. What ever makes you feel at ease and get the most out of the time that I am there.

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