Sunflower Family Photography

Show Me The Love

Time with your family is more important than ever at the moment. If I have learnt anything over the past 6 months, it is that every cuddle, smile and kiss, count. They always did before, but now it is something I am aware of every day and remind myself to snatch an extra cuddle at every opportunity. Family photography amongst the Sunflowers has created a great opportunity for this.

This gorgeous family also seem to have the same thought process. They filled their 20 minute session with every hug, kiss, tickle and love possible. Bringing all of these feelings to your family photography session and forgetting what the camera is looking at, is what makes your images special. They show your family, your fun and photographed in a way you will look back on and smile.

Photographing families in the Lifton Sunflower fields was more popular than ever this year. They create a beautiful backdrop, create a distraction for children and the colours glow with happiness. These guys explored through the stalk maze, sniffed every flower and watched the bees work. We were blessed with the golden September sun and and the late afternoon glow.

Here is their gallery in full to enjoy.

Family sessions in the Sunflower fields are now finished for this year but will return for 2021. I release a limited number of seasonal mini sessions each year. These are designed to make the most the fabulous changes through the year and a beautiful variety to your background settings.

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