My name is Lucy Wilson and I am a qualified, multi award winning photographer based in Devon.

I provide newborn and portrait photography across Devon. I have over 15 years experience of working with babies and families. Through years of practice and refined techniques, I have achieved various awards for my work.


I studied photography at Exeter College and completed a BTEC National diploma to triple distinction level in 2008, the highest award given. This course provided me with an excellent grounding in photography. I was in one of the last years where photography and development on film was taught on the course and only moved to digital photography for the second year of the course. I have completed online training courses in baby safety and safe posing.


I began my own photography business part time in 2008, specialising in wedding and family photography. During this time I also worked at Devon Camera Centre, based in Exeter. I enjoyed working with a fun team of photography enthusiasts and was given the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week with Canon UK. I also developed a great understanding of photography technologies. The photography business really took off in 2009 and I spent a busy couple of years as a Devon wedding photographer, shooting weddings at venues all across Devon.

I took a few years off after having my first child in 2012, but by 2014, after having my second child, I was ready to grow the business again. This began with learning and practicing in Newborn photography. I felt that now having had two children of my own, this would be the right time to start working with newborns. With my experience of having two tricky sleepers and years of photography knowledge, the newborn side of the business grew rapidly and has now become my specialist subject.

Every baby is very different and every day their temperaments and preferences change in the early weeks. Wind, colic, pregnancy positions, birth traumas, all play a huge part in how a newborn session will flow. All sessions are baby lead, working only with safe, flow posing which follows babies natural positions. Having worked with over 300 newborn babies, I have gained huge amounts of skills, knowledge and understanding of new baby needs, and the needs of new parents.


Since an early age, I have had a camera in hand. From disposables I would nag my parents to develop, to working in a camera store to learn all aspects and possibilities of the equipment, to now owning my pride and joy, a Canon r6. My passion for looking at the beauty in the world is present every day and has also rubbed off on my own children. Since having children of my own, I have seen how quickly time passes and how so many captured memories can instantly take you back to that moment of joy years later. Photographs are your own personal and priceless treasures.

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