Family Photoshoot Images To Treasure

Taking the plunge to book a family photoshoot can be a big step. There are so many things you may worry about; will the children behave, will they stay clean, will it be worth the worry? So I wanted to calm any nerves, throw out the ‘perfect smile, perfect family’ ideas and show you what happens when you enjoy your family session. 

There is a misconception that if everyone looks at the camera at the same time, for all of their images, with perfect smiles, you will have beautiful photos. This is not the case. Capturing your family during a photography session is about capturing your real moments; the wide mouthed laughs, the giggles, the frowns, the silly faces, the loving glances. Because, after all, smiling at the camera at the same time is only one tiny glimpse at your family as a whole. 

Enjoy the little tickles, the neck hugging cuddles and the fleeting kisses. The location is carefully selected, your outfits styled and coordinated, with backups in the car, but the moments captured between you all are the real treasure. Those moments that make you smile and love your family that little bit more, those are the images you will treasure weeks, months, years down the line.

So please never worry. The way to create the best family photography images is to enjoy your session. I will always do my best to get ‘that’ shot, but cherish your precious time together. You are away from everything and everyone, allow me to capture that magic for you to keep.

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