Spring Portrait Photography

Laughter, Blossom and Photography

This weekend I held my spring portrait weekend. I’ve been planning this since February, so I wanted to share some details on the preparation, the event and my favourite highlights.

Following my autumn portrait sessions in October 2017, I was blown away by the amount of interest in spring themed weekend, so set about planning the event. This is where the first challenge began. I needed to find a location full of spring beauty, with blossom or spring time flowers. It also needed to be safe to use for families with young children, have access to toilet facilities, parking and at an easily accessible location.

After many hours of looking for inspiration on the web, it was clear that an apple orchard in full blossom could not be any more beautiful or spring-like. I contacted various local businesses, cider farms and friends suggestions, with mixed responses. I visited the beautiful and incredibly helpful, Ashridge Court near North Tawton. They have amazing gardens and character, but not quite the orchard field I was looking for. Killerton House near Exeter were open to the idea of holding a photography session in their orchard, but it presented slightly too far of a distance for my local coverage of customers. After feeling a little lost, I discovered Lifton Farm Shop, also known as Strawberry Fields.

They were incredibly helpful and I realized this place would tick all the boxes for the event. The next challenge was to set a date. Living in Devon couldn’t be more lovely, but it does come with some unpredictable weather. I had researched the general times for apple blossom to appear, and to coincide with better weather. So we set the date and planned a backup date in case of a storm, snow or torrential rain (quite likely in Devon). Next followed the advertising, creating an info sheet for customers and dealing with enquiries. Although the event fell slightly short of selling out, I was overwhelmed with the response and over a third of the bookings were for customers I’d worked with before.

In the week leading up to the weekend, I began to prep all of the little bits; sign posts, goodie bags, posing plans, a ‘Wellie boot station’, bribes, wet wipes, individual locations for each ‘pose’ and many other little details that kept me awake at night. I loved every minute of bringing this all together, and the only thing I couldn’t control was the weather. 

Devon weather predictions can be unpredictable at the best of times, with spring being seasonably changeable. But somehow we had luck on our side! We had a perfectly dry, albeit slightly cold, weekend with moments of sun and cloud cover, just perfect for shooting portraits in an open location. Once the weekend had arrived it all seemed to fly-by. I’m really thankful to my customers who humoured my plea to wear wellies and follow me through a mud field, wearing their Sunday best and begging their children not to jump in the muddy puddles. Due to colder than usual spring temperatures, the blossom hadn’t developed as much as hoped, but one row of trees provided the backdrop we needed.

I’m very thankful to everyone involved in making the weekend such a wonderful success; my lovely customers, Lifton Farm Shop, my patient husband and my very helpful assistant (my Mum). I laughed more than I ever thought possible through this weekend, met some wonderful families and captured some gorgeous moments.

Here are just a few of my favourite moments and images.

If you would like further details about photography sessions or would like to book in, please contact me.